Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hang on to the angel

In honor of Jacob’s experience at Peniel, which is in the Bible Lesson this week, I wanted to bring up again a blog entry I wrote some time ago: What does it take? which tells of my own personal Peniel experience.

I’ve also used on many occasions the idea of not letting go of the angel until it blesses you. Jacob hangs on to that angel visitor until his very nature is transformed—he even gets a new name, Israel. And to me, this is an important discipline whenever we pray.

Early in my spiritual journey, I’d get flashes of inspiration only to say, Oh, that was nice. I’d let it uplift my day a bit but then go about my business as usual. It’s only been in this latter part of my life that I’ve gotten into the habit of clinging to every drop of inspiration that comes to me until it resonates throughout my whole being and I feel reborn.

I think this clinging to inspiration until we’re transformed is essential to the deeper spiritual connection many seek. A lot of people have asked me how to go deeper, and I generally will trot out Jacob and Peniel. The question, in conjunction with the prior blog entry I mention above, is: Are we willing to be truly transformed by our prayer?

Sometimes of course, all we really want is to feel better. To go back to the way things were, to be comfortable again in the very situation that created the necessity for healing. But true effective prayer radically alters our self-perception. It lets in what God thinks of us, which is away and beyond any limited self-concept. Small wonder that this God-like perception would change us! And small wonder that it sometimes is overwhelming and we shy away from it.

But I’m recommending today that we cling to it. That whenever we get a glimpse of what God knows, we hang on for dear life and let it re-write our very natures.

If we do, it’s guaranteed that our human existence will change, perhaps in ways that surprise us. What a great adventure it is to ride on the wings of that spiritual discovery. To not be settled into a human complacency but to be light and fluid and ready to evolve.

Am I always ready? Sometimes not! Sometimes I’d rather just sleep it off. It’s a sign of God’s great mercy, though, that the angel always comes back. And then, when I’m ready, I enjoy the ride.

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At 4/07/2006 12:00:00 PM, Blogger Brittany said...

Wow, that's a really powerful message. It makes complete sense to me! I was working on understanding the story in Peniel this week and I was having a hard time understanding what was meant by "blessing". For some reason equating blessing with a step progression in our spiritual growth (which is permanate) didn't occur to me. It seems so obvious now though. I guess I thought the blessing refered to in the story would have had to be a grand one that would lead to assention instead of a natural common occurence. Thank you for your clear and modern "translation" of the story. It really helped me understand its spiritual message. In fact I now realize that a healing I had in the past was due to the fact that I was doing just what Jacob/Israel was doing. To make a long story short, I recieved a healing when I kept an image of my perfection in my thought.(I am still not sure where I got that mental model from though. Perhaps an angel message?). Basically I was in pain while I was trying to get to sleep one night but whenever I kept that perfect image in my thought the pain would alleviate. I didn't understand why at the time, but now I know that it was me wrestling to hold on to that angel (the Truth of my perfection) in thought. Wow, that is so cool!!! I can't believe I did what Jacob did! I guess that angel of God can come in many forms (a spiritual epiphany, a perfect thought model, etc.) Thanks again for you help!


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