Friday, March 17, 2006

Trusting when things look bad

I’m in a situation now with a family member where things simply seem to be getting worse. Every time I think things are getting better, I find out new information that derails progress and forces me to take stronger action.

Yet I’m cheerful most of the time, and in the last few weeks have learned to process the new information without anger or hurt. How? In a word, trust.

It seemed impossible at first. Trust is the issue with this other person; I can’t rely on anything coming out of their mouth. I was completely rattled and felt forsaken. It was my singular obsession for several exhausting days.

But a friend encouraged me to take it higher. To place my trust not in people, but in divine Truth itself.

Turning to divine Truth in moments of stress instead of hoping for and relying on human honesty has made a difference. The Bible says, “There is nothing covered that shall not be revealed.” The person involved has been unable to tell the truth, but now I’ve seen that that doesn’t mean I won’t find out what I need to know. Human facts are revealed by the light of divine Truth.

It’s kind of what I learned some time ago about Love. Love is not created by people, but flows through people. Now I’m coming to find out that Truth is the same way. Truth cannot be denied. No human lie can cover it up. Truth “will out.”

So my prayer has ceased being about the other person changing. It’s now a deep trust that what I need to know I will know, and I can let go of the rest.

And, uncomfortably so for the other person, I am finding things out despite their best efforts to suppress information. Sometimes we laugh about it, when we’re not crying. But my feeling of security is rising daily even as the information is not changing, just because I feel the presence of Truth guiding us every moment. “Resistance is futile,” to quote Star Trek.

When I think about the suffering the other person might have ahead of them if they don’t learn what they need to learn, I’m comforted by this simple spiritual concept:

Truth spares all that is true.

--Science and Health

All that will ever be lost is this false image of a lying, at-risk person. All that is real and good about this person is spared, is in fact permanent. I get to stand, right at the nexus, and see both the evil to be destroyed and the unchanged perfect child of God, of Truth. It’s my privilege to fill that role right now. And I tell you, I couldn’t do it without Truth.

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At 3/18/2006 03:55:00 AM, Blogger Kiran Paranjape said...

Excellent post.
This cocept is known to me. Ancient vedantic scriptures ask us to put our absolute faith in god which described as all-pervading truth of the universe. If somebody trusts me its my trust in god which comes back to me through that person.
Good article.

At 3/19/2006 03:16:00 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

Dear Laura,
So,when day grows dark and cold, Tear or triumph harms,
Lead Thy lambkins to the fold,
Take them in Thine arms; MBE
Also, hymn # 382
Love, Mom


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