Monday, February 20, 2006

Mind's ideas

Another great conversation in Sunday school yesterday, about Mind. The kids already felt very connected to this concept, so we had lots to discuss. They’ve drawn on this concept for help with school and decision-making, and, perhaps because it’s Mind, it always made logical sense to them. The concept is a very powerful tool for spiritual growth.

Mind, in Christian Science, is one of the names for God. Thinking of God as Mind implies a bunch of things: Mind fills all space, Mind is all-power, there is only one Mind.

My question to the kids was, “What does a mind do?” We ratcheted through a series of answers, like “understands,” “guides,” “creates,” etc. But in trying to zero in on the one thing a mind does that makes it a mind, we got to, “Mind thinks.” It’s not a mind if it doesn’t think.

And what does Mind think? When a mind thinks, it’s having ideas. When God thinks, He’s having ideas. And when God does it, those ideas become reality. There’s no delay between conception and creation. Mind’s ideas instantly and perpetually exist. To me, it’s the “God spake, and it was so” concept from Genesis. What He says, goes.

And what are the characteristics of those ideas? The idea reflects the Mind that created it. Quite literally, an idea is Mind’s reflection, in both meanings of the word. (To reflect: to mirror, or to think on.) And Mind, as a synonym for God, includes the other synonymous concepts, such as Life, Truth, Love. Any idea of Mind is then a compound idea, reflecting all the facets of the Creator.

Some of you may know where I’m heading with this. What’s meant the most to me when considering Mind’s ideas is understanding the compound complete nature of these ideas, how they have sprung forth from Mind already complete and enacted, fully realized and comprehended. And, as the teachings of Christian Science make clear, those ideas are us.

We are, each of us, an idea of the one Mind. Mind had an idea, and it is YOU.

Today, as I think on this further, I’m seeing that ideas that we have—new innovative ideas, loving caring ideas, intelligent insightful ideas—are not per se the ideas of Mind. They are a function of the fact that we are the idea of Mind. Meaning, God conceptualized us as idea, and all the ideas we have are a further outgrowth of our being the idea of God. We experience and participate at the same time.

Creation becomes then the interplay of all Mind’s ideas. We play off each other, resonate with each other, combine and uplift in a million million different infinite ways. In the mortal seeming, individuals can conflict; spiritually they never can, and never do, because they all reflect God. It’s like the ongoing improvisation of the coolest rock band ever—always new, always harmonious, always exciting.

You who are reading this and I who am writing it are one in Mind today. How can we play together?

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