Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Companions on the journey

What is it about opening up to others and getting support that is so powerful?

I went to that women’s prayer group again this week—what a healing experience. In the course of the discussion, I felt led to share something that had been plaguing me. It was a hard story to tell, and I was a little scared to share it. But this group was so loving and supportive.

Having their support didn’t change the situation or remove it from my prayer “to-do” list, but it did strengthen me personally and restored my faith in the path down which Spirit is leading me. Their words of wisdom and kindness gave me some needed courage.

Of course, I still have to pray myself and see it through, and it may be a long process. Nothing can take the place of my own digging in and working it out. Yet having companions on the journey is such a sweet gift.

And I ask myself, am I a companion on other people’s journeys? Do I extend myself outside of my own comfort zone with caring and compassion, truly listening to another and being present with them?

My brother, who has left the church of our youth and is now active in another denomination, tells me that his concept of the Christian church is all about being a community of seekers, supporting each other. He’s finding that community in his place of worship, and it commits him fully to what he would call “the body of Christ.”

We are the body of Christ, and I mean all who are seeking to connect, to bless others, and to grow spiritually. I think it goes beyond denomination because I believe Christ to be the source of *all* goodness, whatever form it takes.

So again, I ask myself, am I doing my bit to support the entire body?

I felt a part of something greater than myself the other night with the women’s group. In my weakness, I gained strength. My prayer this week is to keep my eyes and ears open for opportunities to share that strength with others.

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At 2/08/2006 04:38:00 PM, Anonymous Veronika Wilcox said...

"Love is the healer!"
How I agree with you, dear Laura!
Whenever I had asked for human help, esp. when asking the help of a Christian Science Practitioner, it was the need to be with somebody and unburden myself. Just this reaching out alone has sometimes healed the situation for me. After all, all troubles are a belief in the separation from God and when I feel the compassion of another, I feel presence of love which IS God.
Love, Veronika


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