Thursday, January 12, 2006


Yesterday’s big idea for me was simply the concept of being unconfined.

In the midst of my daily spiritual study, two passages from Science and Health stood out to me:

God is divine Life, and Life is no more confined to the forms which reflect it than substance is in its shadow.


Beholding the infinite tasks of truth, we pause, — wait on God. Then we push onward, until boundless thought walks enraptured, and conception unconfined is winged to reach the divine glory.


What I love about receiving ideas like this is how they apply to every situation I’m praying about. I had a bunch on my plate yesterday that had my prayerful attention, from personal issues to family to organizations I’m affiliated with to people wanting prayerful support. The “unconfined” concept washed over all of them, wiping out my fears and bringing inspiration to the most intractable situations.

That to me is what “give us this day our daily bread” means. Mary Baker Eddy interprets that line from the Lord’s Prayer as “Give us grace for today; feed the famished affections.” The new spiritual ideas we receive every day are that grace for today, and they meet today’s need.

Why does this always work, no matter what the spiritual idea? How is it that a transformative new idea somehow always applies to every situation we’re facing? Because every spiritual idea is linked to all spiritual ideas, and all those ideas lead us to a deeper understanding of God. And it is God who is the answer to all our needs. So the simple act of finding out more about Him is the daily bread.

Our understanding of God is unconfined. We never run out of things to know about Him, and each new understanding is in itself infinite. May your day be expansive with this unconfined sense, and may it bring you blessing.

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