Monday, January 23, 2006

Treatment is transformation

Someone asked me over the weekend what Christian Science treatment entails. The request wasn’t entirely sincere (in some ways the person was trying to bait me), but it’s still got me thinking. I give examples of treatments in what I’ve written, but haven’t actually tried to encapsulate in one posting what I think treatment is. So here goes!

To me, Christian Science treatment starts and ends with transformation of thought. When I initiate a treatment, I’m fully expecting to learn something new about God and His creation that changes me and benefits whoever I’m praying for. I have to be fully available for this kind of change at a moment’s notice—being entirely present and at the ready when someone contacts me.

To invite whatever change in thought is necessary, I start with God. I may jump off of something I’ve already been thinking about and let it go deeper. Or I may go along a path that I haven’t traversed lately, and that will lead to fresh inspiration. What I’m exploring, in thought and prayer, is the nature of God. Since God is infinite, I never run out of things to explore.

A new idea *always* comes. I can tell because I get this “aha” feeling, like light dawning over a sparkling sea. The idea is new, but self-evident. It’s startling, but it makes perfect sense.

When I’m riding that wave of inspiration, I apply it immediately to the issue at hand, whether it be a personal situation or someone I’m praying for. I connect the dots mentally, affirming that whatever new idea about God this is, it applies directly to the subject I’m treating, because every one of us is the image and likeness of the God I just learned something new about. I gain a conviction of this connection between perfect God and perfect creation, and see only this reality in the heart of treatment.

From this perspective of confidence, then, and only then, do I turn to the problem itself. By this point it’s clear that the problem has no connection to the conclusions I’ve already reached. It doesn’t fit in with the perfect God/perfect creation scenario. So I discount it thoroughly and declare its absolute inability to have any further effect on the subject. Nullifying evil mentally has the effect of destroying it physically, because evil exists first in thought. By seeing its unreality mentally, you can remove its effects on the body.

In a nutshell then, treatment is: 1) Perfect God, 2) perfect creation, 3) destruction of evil. Having said that, it’s also true that every treatment is different.

My transformation of thought may or may not be shared by the patient. Sometimes the patient simply receives the physical or personal benefit. Other times they too experience an “aha,” but not always the same one that I did. Other times, to be honest, I have to dig deeper myself to get to a place that helps. I may have to learn more than one thing to “close the deal” so to speak. I can’t claim 100% success, although I trust that in doing my best, the patient will be led to seek the solution that will get them where they want to go. I am encouraged though by the times I have been able to help someone, when it was clear and definite that my treatment had a positive effect.

When suffering with a physical problem, sometimes we want cure but not necessarily healing. To me, healing includes that transformation of thought, which could lead to transformation of character or core beliefs and practices. Not everyone wants that. Sometimes a person just wants to get physically better, and that’s certainly valid. Other times, our search for healing may look like it’s delaying a cure, but the transformation of thought is what’s important to us so we stay on that path. That’s any individual’s choice to make.

Okay, I could go on and on, so I’ll sum up. I practice Christian Science because I want that transformation of thought above all else. And it has worked for me consistently through my entire life to solve all manner of problems, physical, moral, economic, relationships. It works in my life, and it makes me grow. In making myself available to help others, I’m hoping to bring transformation and healing to whomever else is seeking it.

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