Monday, January 02, 2006

The Narnia frame of mind

Well, I never did get back on Friday to talk about Narnia, did I? Sorry about that. The one we tried to see was sold out, so we had to go later, which threw my day off…etc. etc. Hope everyone had a nice New Year.

A couple New Year offerings, then I’ll move on to Narnia.

Dear Abby had a nice column yesterday, I liked her take on resolutions. I also liked my friend Kim Korinek’s blog entry, take a look, and follow the link in her blog to the ten most common resolutions. Enlightening!

About Narnia: I have to say that usually I’m very persnickety about movies taken from books I know by heart. Anyone who knows me knows my reaction to Lord of the Rings, for example. Even Prince of Egypt took some liberties I didn’t appreciate. My issue isn’t usually with event or setting, but with character. I can’t stand it when a character I know well is changed into something he or she isn’t to suit film plot requirements or to heighten drama.

But Narnia, while not exact to the book in many ways, didn’t mess with the characters. In fact, the movie gave me some insights into the characters that I hadn’t gotten from the book (which I’ve read over 20 times).

Peter was bossy. Susan was conservative. Edmund was surly. Lucy was naive. I never saw these elements of their characters so deeply before. Yet, they all still became kings and queens. They transformed through the battle with evil, and their innate qualities of goodness prevailed.

I think the movie can be enjoyed by people from any background, but for me of course, the Christian message came through loud and clear. The sacrifice of the innocent turning back death itself. Inheriting a throne even though flawed. Having to fight evil bravely and with a united front. The icy cold of evil’s grasp, and the warm spring thaw of divine Love.

Funny, the word “movie.” It’s meant to denote something that moves within itself, i.e., moving pictures. But for me sometimes it means it moved *me.* This one was a “movie” in that regard for me. I’ve continued to think about it all weekend. About being a mere mortal, transformed into royalty. About nobility inborn in even the least of us. About childlike willingness in the faithful and the irresistible majesty of the Christ.

The Narnia frame of mind. Perhaps that’s why I keep re-reading the entire series, over and over again. It brings me to a land of wonder where I know my better self lives. It allows me to look out at the snow and know that spring will surely come.

Happy New Year--may we all find Narnia.

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