Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dominion over money

Wanted to tell you about a book I’m reading where I least expected to find any spirituality, yet there it was.

Start Late, Finish Rich was a Christmas gift from my sister (not the world-traveled, glamorous one, but the entrepreneurial, stay-at-home mom one who happened to make her debut on this planet ten years after I did). She’s knows I’ve been feeling the need to learn about money and how it works, and I guess this book helped her.

So I’m reading along thinking it will be all about avarice and greed, and it turns out it’s all about discipline and self-worth. Here’s what the author, David Bach, says in the introduction:

One Final Thought Before We Really Get Started

I believe you were put here for a reason. I believe you are special. I believe there is no one like you on this planet and that you were born with unique gifts, talents, and dreams. I know from experience that you may never have been told this—but that you feel it deep down inside of you. I promise you what you feel is real—and that the most important thing this book can do for you is help free you up to be who you really are meant to be.

You may think this book is only about money, but you will learn that it’s really about a lot more. My mission is to free you to be who you were put here to be—and my experience has taught me that what holds most people back from their purpose in life are financial challenges. Break the financial handcuffs of living paycheck to paycheck, worrying about debt, and losing sleep over how you are going to survive financially in the future, and you will be able to focus on what is really most important to you. You are already rich inside—this book will help you reconnect with your inner gifts.

This book may be called Start Late, Finish Rich, but I know that inside you are already rich in spirit. All we need to do now is help you become materially rich so you can live the life you were meant to live.

Well, I felt better just reading that. I’ve also read recently Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and that too offered me a lot of insight about cash flow. It’s new stuff to me, and I’m having to focus on putting it into practice (and not always succeeding!). But what’s helping me the most is the idea that handling money is a skill like any other—you can learn it. I’m not defective in some way because I sometimes struggle with this issue. I just haven’t acquired the necessary skills yet.

And it’s okay to be knowledgeable about money, the same way I’d be knowledgeable about plumbing if I own a house or bookkeeping if I’m running a business. Don’t know why I’ve always felt inhibited about this. Maybe it’s that I thought being too concerned with wealth would indicate I’m a materialistic person. But now I’m thinking that *not* being thoughtful and directed about it makes me fixate on it too much, and with too much fear.

Bach is right (I think). Fear about money holds me back, keeps me from taking risks, and stresses me out even when I’m doing what I know to be the right thing. It’s difficult to be obedient to divine leadings when this entire area of my life is making me afraid. So enough. Time to demonstrate dominion in this as in every other area of my life.

So I’m learning. Any insights you’ve learned on this topic would be welcome!

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At 1/11/2006 04:27:00 PM, Anonymous rev. Veronika Birken said...

Dear Laura,
"A Course in Miracles" says that there is only one problem and one solution and that the solution is already given. The problem is the belief in the separation from God and the Answer is the Atonement or my at-onement with God which never changes. Mortal mind will make up endless problems and endless hopeless solutions and have people write endless books about it. All I need to do for everything is to turn to divine Love about everything, for this is the only antidote against fear. Amen.
Love and peace, Veronika


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