Friday, December 02, 2005

Training up your mom

Remember I was looking for a spiritual point to the other night's events? Well, I found it when I talked with my son yesterday.

Turns out he wasn't only staying with me and comforting me. He was also praying.

He said, "I knew you were stressed so I was trying to comfort you, and I started praying to God: Mom just got new printer [hence the computer problems], it won't be that bad because God doesn't let anything wrong happen. God is everywhere and He is perfect, and He would let the computer be perfect, and Jibben [the friend on the phone helping] would take care of it."

Well, that's good thinking, and it's so far from what I was thinking in those moments that I really think it was his prayer that re-established harmony.

Another result of this "character building boot camp" is seeing a renewed commitment to going to Sunday school on the part of my son. He's starting to arrange his schedule so that he doesn’t miss it. He loves his teacher and enthusiastically does the homework without my prompting, which this week included memorizing all the books of the New Testament.

So I continue to be grateful. There's a passage in Science and Health about personal character: "Motives and acts are not rightly valued before they are understood. It is well to wait till those whom you would benefit are ready for the blessing, for Science is working changes in personal character as well as in the material universe."

And it reminded me there's only so much I can do with my kids. Their character is established in Science already, which is another way of saying that we already are who God created us to be. It's not up to me to make them good or prayerful or divine. They already are those things. So maybe my job is to see that as clearly as possible and provide the opportunities for it to be expressed.

I can tell it's not my design or plan that's happening, because if I knew ahead of time what the results would be, I'd never be as delighted as my kids make me on a regular basis. At those times, I feel more like a witness than a creator. The Creator's work is done.

(For the record, he does think I yelled a bit about the apple juice. So I guess even my warm frame of mind didn't keep me from an outburst when my legs were suddenly covered with cold stickiness. But he says I didn't yell at him, which I take credit for as progress!)

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