Thursday, December 08, 2005

Principle fills all space

This year has been one of major transition for me. Changed jobs, started a business, reinvigorated my practice, sent a daughter to college, connected with a son. My dad had a stroke (all better now, thanks), my sister was injured in an accident (getting better), my niece is getting married (who said she was old enough to do that?). I've met a million new people and tried a million new things. Phew.

So, when people ask me, "How are things going?" the one thing that pops into mind is "There's so much to do!" I'm having to learn all over again how to get organized. What I have to organize now is completely different than what I was organizing a year ago today. I was good at it last year; now I'm having to travel a very steep learning curve. Trouble is, I enjoy everything I'm doing, so I want to spend time on all of it. And I do! Which can eat up a day very quickly.

Yesterday's inspiration finally gave me some traction on the organization thing. As I prayed, the concept came: Principle fills all space.

I do love the term Principle, although it took me some years to gain an affection for it. It used to seem all rule-bound and harsh to me. Cold. It's one of Mary Baker Eddy's words for God, however, so to explore the full range of what God is, I had to "come to terms" with this term.

What does Principle mean to me?

  • Law
  • Rule
  • Order
  • Harmony
  • Placement
  • Righteousness
  • Love

That's right, Love. Love, another term for God, is the same as Principle. You can't have one without the other. Realizing that a few years ago helped me embrace Principle more fully. I could expect that God's law would always be a law of Love, and it would work on my behalf, not against me.

So, yesterday's inspiration hit home with me. Principle fills all space. I had a brief vision of all space being filled with something like a huge flexible grid, all ordered and precise and perfect, everything in its place and moving together harmoniously. As precise as the workings of an unfailing atomic clock, but also as organic as the movement of the most complex yet enthralling dance.

And I'm a part of this. Every task I have to do is a part of this synchronous movement. I can face that to-do list, that follow-up list, that calendar, those emails, those voicemails, with confidence that I have available to me all the precision and harmony of Principle, because it fills all space and I express it.

I embraced this vision, and it kick-started my day. The moments flowed into hours, with tasks accomplished, good decisions made, contacts fulfilled. And even an entire hour at the end of the day to do some catch up. A full day of results, which then made me comfortable enough to turn *off* the computer and spend some time playing games with my son. Principle filling all space, with Love.

This morning I feel like Principle loves me. And I like that idea.

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At 12/08/2005 02:35:00 PM, Anonymous Rev. Veronika Birken said...

Dear Laura,
What I really love about what you have written is the understanding that you don't work from the basis that you have to do everything on your own. You are fitting in with and are supported already in your good work by the law of Love - Principle.
Thank you again!
Love, Veronika

At 12/08/2005 09:34:00 PM, Blogger Kim said...

Laura - Wonderful post! Mary Baker Eddy once referred to organization as an organic operative method. There's that marriage with organic, methodical, and movement that helps me sail through my day. This is inspiring!!


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