Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas starshine

The manger. The animals. The shepherds. The wise men. The dutiful and selfless husband, the willing and innocent young mother. A perfect smiling baby. Compelling symbols of a miraculous event.

The symbol that moves me the most is the star. Each year our star glows brightly at the top of our tree, illuminating the entire room. That beacon light draws us along our journey, closer to Christ with unfailing certainty. It guides us in the quiet of prayerful moments, it lights the way in the darkest night. I look for the starshine whenever I pray.

I know this weekend will be very busy for most of us. I know we're hoping for memorable and pleasant family times, and to please each other with gift-giving and communing. Steal away, though, for a moment, sometime this weekend, and watch for the star. Watch for it with me. Let the star lead our actions. Let it bless us with its light.

And we will see the Christ appearing, in our hearts and our homes.

Here's a Christmas Star, see it shining.

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At 12/23/2005 06:19:00 PM, Anonymous rev. Veronika Birken said...

Walk quietly along the appointed way, with your eyes fixed upon the Star which leads you heavenwards. And thus your soul path will be brightened, light will flow into your heart and mind, and joy will crown your days.
(From "The Book of Star Light" White Eagle)

Christmas greetings of peace and love,

At 12/24/2005 04:27:00 PM, Anonymous Franklin said...

Have a joyful Christmas!

I wish for you peace in all situations and circumstances in the new year.


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