Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving prayer

The prayer below was shared by my friend Rev. Dr. Deborah Clark, minister at Edwards Church in Framingham, Mass. at the interfaith Thanksgiving service I attended on Tuesday night. I wish you a glorious day of thanksgiving, wherever you may be reading this from.


We give you thanks, Holy Creator,
For the wondrous diversity of your creation—
  • Rainforest and desert,
  • Snowstorm and sunshine,
  • Ant and whale.
We give you thanks for the wondrous diversity of your people—
  • For the beauty of our many colors, sizes, and shapes.
  • For the richness of our languages,
  • For the different ways you have revealed your truth to us.
Teach us to value all your creation.

We give you thanks, Majestic One,
For the freedom to worship you.

  • For music which awakens us to your beauty,
  • For scripture which teaches us how to live,
  • For prayer which assures us of your presence,
  • For community which strengthens our faith.
May we worship you with our whole selves.

We give you thanks, Source of blessing,
For the gift of each other.

  • For the love and encouragement we offer one another,
  • For the chance to learn from one another,
  • For the ways we challenge each other to move beyond our narrow vision.
May we treasure one another.

We give you thanks, You who call us,
For the opportunity to serve.

  • For your commandment to love our neighbor,
  • For the ways you call us to share your truth,
  • For hands and minds and hearts and talents,
  • For the capacity to make a difference,
  • For friends and neighbors who work beside us.
May we serve you faithfully.

We give you thanks, Source of all that is possible,
For promises not yet come to fruition.

  • For the dream of peace,
  • For the vision of a world where no one goes hungry.
  • For gifts yet to be developed,
  • For the capacity to learn and grow and change.
Help us move toward your future with hope.

We give you thanks, Source of life, for all your wondrous gifts.
Awaken us to deeper gratitude every day of our lives. Amen.

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At 11/24/2005 02:19:00 PM, Blogger ENS said...

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Laura!
Love, Esther

At 11/24/2005 04:02:00 PM, Anonymous Rev. Veronika Birken said...

Dear Laura,
How I love your day of Thanksgiving! Here is my contribution to it:


I am grateful that God is Mind; the o n l y Mind.
He is the Mind I think with;
He is the Mind I love with;
I live in Mind and not in matter.

I am grateful that God is Spirit; the o n l y Spirit.
He gave me of His Spirit. I am spiritual, not physical.
I move in Spirit and because of Spirit.
All is Spirit.

I am grateful that God is Love; spiritual all-Love.
I am Love too because He made me in His likeness.
I am the expression of Love only; I am governed by the laws of Love only because God is the o n l y law

I am grateful that God is Soul; my Soul. Because He is my Soul I am pure, holy and beautiful and forever at peace.

I am grateful that God is divine Principle. He made all out of Himself, like Himself and within Himself.
I am eternally safe and perfect like my divine Principle.

I am grateful that God is Truth. I am one with Truth because I am one with God. I cannot deviate from it because there is no outside of God and therefore no place where Truth is not.

I am grateful that God is Life; the o n l y Life; my Life. It is all good because this is what God is.

To acknowledge God as perfect is to acknowledge my perfection for I am His reflection. Therefore I am not sick and need no healing because God has established my health and what He establishes is permanent.
Only in belief can I imagine myself to be something God did not create. It is only this belief which needs correcting and I will experience the presence of harmony and health completly as soon as I am willing to correct my false belief with the truth of being.

I give thanks to God that He is my Father. I have no other father. His care for me is infinite and ever-present and all-powerful now. Therefore I am safe, protected and well now. For this I give thanks.
This truth is all-inclusive because Truth is One.
Love and peace, Veronika


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