Monday, November 07, 2005

Testing, testing, part 1

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This is a testing double-header, second installment to come tomorrow.

Seems like finals time is approaching, and some folks I know are taking graduate school admissions tests, so I thought I'd share a couple stories about some famous exams in my day.

Here's an excerpt from an online talk I gave last year about this time (you can read the entire talk at the link):

When I was a freshman in college, I was taking this calculus course (so not related to anything I wanted to do, but required) and I was getting a D going into the exam. I had never gotten a D before in my life! And the professor was one of these that only talked to the blackboard, so no help there. What did this mean for the rest of my college career, when here I was my first semester, getting such a lousy grade? It was really depressing.

So a couple nights before the exam I was staring at all the study materials just feeling hopeless, when it occurred to me—you guessed it—to pray! I really put the idea of Mind to use that night. I saw myself as an expression of Mind, tried to more fully comprehend it. I mean, all that I needed to know already existed in Mind and if it was in Mind, I had access to it because Mind created me. Before, I had always leaned on my own intelligence—A+ student and all that. This time, I had to listen more humbly for guidance, and get calm.

So I prayed with the idea that this Mind fills all space, including all the space in my head! And I tried harder to lean on that. Well, something weird happened. I pulled out all the tests from the semester that I'd flunked or barely passed, and I started to understand them. Then I looked at a list of complicated theorems that I had to memorize and some just began to stand out to me, so I memorized those. It was the most effortless studying I'd ever done. As I saw myself embraced in Mind, I felt comforted and my confidence grew. Okay so, guess what happened? I actually enjoyed taking the exam! And one of those complicated theorems I memorized was in the toughest question. Well, I must have aced the thing, because I wound up with a B in the class.

That was—yikes!—25 years ago! But I still remember sitting for that exam, it really was a blast to take. I felt more like a conduit for Mind and less like an ordinary human intelligence trying to fake my way through it.

More recently, about ten years ago, I sat for the LSATs. I had this idea about going to law school that was a result of prayer, so of course the LSATs were a part of that. I'll tell you more about that tomorrow.

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