Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Spirit's eureka moment

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Just when you thought you didn't know enough about Archimedes, another anecdote comes along:

Love that displacement property in action.

Yesterday I was thinking about success, what it means to be successful, etc. That "eureka" word kept coming into my head. so I looked it up this morning. The anecdote made me wonder, does Spirit ever surprise itself with its own creativity?

I mean, we're often trying to evaluate ourselves as to whether we're successful or not. Yesterday I was trying to think in terms of Spirit being the successful one, and we're its success story. I mean, we're here, we exist. Creation worked. So we're already the successful creation of divine Spirit.

And Spirit, being also divine Mind, all-knowing intelligence, doesn't make any mistakes. So where do we come off thinking that we could ever be anything less than a triumphant success?

I started trying to conceptualize the moment of my own creation. Spirit, Mind, coming up with this new idea, me, and being delighted with it. And because Mind is all-powerful, all it has to do is think something up, and it is so. So here I am, Mind's idea, Spirit's creation. And Spirit goes, Yay! I did it! I figured it out!

For sure, Spirit never doubts its own abilities. But somehow, I believe Spirit is delighted with the outcome of its grand thinking. I love knowing that my Creator is delighted with me. It gives me a sense of adventure about the day's tasks, a feeling that anything's possible. I am not limited, because I was set forth by the unlimited One.

I also have been digging more deeply into the concept of now, rather than thinking of myself as having a past, present and future. Creation is now, it's as fresh as ever. So I'm all I ever was and ever will be, a full-tilt success, a complete idea.

And it's my sincere belief this applies to you, too. Your Creator is delighted with you. Your success is an outcome of the divine success of creation.

You are Spirit's eureka moment.

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