Thursday, November 10, 2005

Persistent and consistent prayer

Sometimes healing happens quickly, other times it takes deeper study and prayer, other times it takes daily consistent and persistent watching of every thought. It's this last one I want to give an example of today.

Right after the birth of my daughter, I noticed a growth on my body in what was, shall we say, a very inconvenient location. It got in the way of a lot of stuff, including a normal physical relationship with my husband. And it was painful, and it scared me.

Those first few months after my first delivery are kind of a haze to me, it took me a while to feel myself again. But how I dealt with this physical problem remains clear to me.

I broke it down into three options:

  1. I could have the thing removed, perhaps by my midwife.
  2. I could remove it myself.
  3. I could pray about it.

The first two options kind of freaked me out at the time, so I thought I'd focus on prayer. And what I prayed was simple, although it took persistence.

At first, I wondered, is this some kind of punishment for doing something wrong, or is God telling me I need to stop being physical with my husband? This didn't make sense really but it did cross my mind. So the thought came to me as I prayed, God governs every aspect of my life. Even to the details. God governs.

That idea gave me peace. I decided to stick to that truth no matter what.

Whenever the growth came to my attention, which was several times a day at first, I would turn from it mentally. At first this was a terrified turning, but as I stayed the course, the turning became more confident and assured. Every time, I would think clearly, God governs every aspect of my life. I thought about those times God's government had been clear, at work, in the family, in life. I knew this would be one more example of this.

The trick was doing this every time the fearful thing got my attention. Every time. The more I did this, the less fear I felt, until eventually the fear evaporated. It took several weeks for the fear to go, and I also stopped noticing the problem after a time. So I don't know exactly when it went away, but of course it did. What I'm even more left with is a deep understanding that God governs every aspect of my life. I know this now, for certain, like I know I’m sitting here typing.

This experience gave me a new tactic for prayer. Now, when I'm dealing with something that tries to get my attention frequently, I use the attention-getting as a reminder to stop what I'm doing and clear the decks mentally. To embrace whatever spiritual idea is meaning the most to me at the time, and giving that idea more of an opportunity to transform and heal me.

The attention-getting is not to be feared or dreaded, it's an invitation to pay attention to God specifically. This has worked many times for me when the situation warrants it. And it keeps me hopeful and uplifted even when symptoms appear to be hanging on. They never last; they aren't strong enough. In the face of targeted spiritual effort, the beliefs of mortality always yield.

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At 11/10/2005 05:09:00 PM, Anonymous Uwe said...

Hello Laura, thank you so much for this testimony. It is very intersting how you started to think about the "problem" and this inspired me to start to work that way for a problem I have.
Also I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts with the community. It is always inspiring to read your blogg, wich I learned to know two month ago ...
Thank you :-)

At 11/10/2005 08:31:00 PM, Anonymous Franklin said...


I have been doing some reading about christian science because I knew nothing of it as an organization or anything about it's founder.

While reading I somewhat agreed with the basics. However I got a rather odd feeling that there was a attitude or state that didn't seem quite right to me.

I have several times read the term malicious animal magnetism. I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean.

Have you any knowledge of what this is and what it accomplishes?


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