Monday, November 28, 2005

Great weekend

This was a weekend of family—just my little family, me and the kids. And church friends, and movies, and games.

  • My son slaughtered me at Monopoly, the three of us were fairly even at Clue and Rummikub, and then we tried out this new game called LCR. All fun.
  • Went to four church services, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. My daughter gave a surprise testimony at the Thanksgiving service, very nice. She's acclimating well to school and wanted to share a key moment of spiritual growth.
  • Had a Brazilian friend to Thanksgiving dinner. Didn't cook the bird enough, but it was still good. Lotsa mashed potatoes left over. Lotta talking.
  • Attended an open house for a young friend back from the Air Force Academy. Chatted it up with kids and grownups from church. Good Sunday School classes all around, I'm a teacher, they're students.
  • Movies: Home Alone, Love Actually, and the new Pride & Prejudice at the theater. TV DVDs: Star Trek (of course, a family favorite, Season 3) and Desperate Housewives (a new obsession).
  • Son spent lots of time building card castles, became quite the architect. Daughter spent lots of time reconnecting with friends. Everyone happy and full by the end of the weekend. Daughter also achieved clean laundry.
  • Phone call from niece, she's engaged! So, a total family get-together to look forward to, sometime in 2006.

I tell ya, I can't complain. And I'm so glad we're maturing into just enjoying each other. Now, picking out and getting ready to order Christmas presents for everyone gives the occasion to appreciate each person's unique loveliness, and I realize the substance of our family is so solid and unshakable.

We went through our rough times, sure, especially when my siblings and I were younger. A series of starter marriages, clashes with the folks, etc. Now it just feels like we're through all that and can just love each other without all the pressure. My folks can look around at their family—four kids, nine grandchildren, many children-in-law—and know they done good.

I guess I’m waxing philosophic on this today, in awe of the diversity and richness life presents to us. What a gift. What a great feeling.

So yeah, it was a great weekend. How was yours?

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At 11/28/2005 05:59:00 PM, Anonymous Rev. Veronika Birken said...

Dear Laura,
Your article just makes me feel included like I am a friend of the family too. I think this is what love is all about - it is not focused on family only but on all the human family 'held in the gospel of Love."
Peace, Veronika


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