Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Take off the glasses

Porthos commented on my entry yesterday with something helpful, so I thought I'd share it with everyone directly:

My entry said: Note that there are two different "we"s in the prior sentence, the "we" that is human, and the "we" that is image and likeness of God. Only one is true. Only one is real. Healing happens when the real overmasters the false, and becomes the only reality there is.

He commented: I'd like to offer for your consideration a point about the above. As I understand it, it's not so much that there are two separate "we"s. To be human is not to be false or unreal. It is to seem to be a MIXTURE of the true and the false, the real and the unreal, matter and Spirit. So in every human "we" there is a real individual.

It's like wearing purple glasses. Everything may be tinged with purple but that doesn't make it unreal and false. It's just the purpleness that's false. Healing is the removal of some degree of error from our view when, as you say, the real becomes more apparent. Yet, as long as we're human, we're BOTH true and false -- but not unreal. Hope that is clear.

This is comforting to me – the human being writing this blog is not unreal, but needs redeeming and unmixing. So we're going to keep all that is good. This goes back to in a way the blog entries I wrote sometime back about tares and wheat, and about the separating the goats from the sheep. Nothing good is ever lost, but transformed and separated from its opposite, and the opposite is destroyed.

Of course, it doesn't help when purple is your favorite color (which it is mine). :) Meaning sometimes it feels better to hold on to that which has to go, just because we like it or have grown comfortable with it. Sometimes we've so attached it to our identity that we can't imagine who we'd be without it. But as one who's come out the other side of a forcible eviction of a serious fault, it turned out I stayed the great person I am but became even better.

Purpleness can be shed, as Porthos says, by changing your view. Take off the glasses, see more of your real self. It's there anyway, you may as well embrace it!

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