Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Pencil / pen exercise

Sometimes it's hard to pray for myself. I want to open my thought to the presence of Love, but I get too conscious of my faults and feel undeserving.

A simple little exercise helps me break through this. Rather than repress thoughts about my faults, I go ahead and let them flow, but I handle it like this:

I take a sheet of paper and divide it into two columns. On one side, in pencil, I write down a list of all those faults coming to me. This list can get long fairly quickly, yet somehow transferring the issues from my mind to the paper helps me disassociate from the emotion of shame and allows me to look at them dispassionately.

Then on the other side of the paper, I write, *in ink,* the *opposite* of everything I just wrote down. Like, if I wrote "impatient" on one side, I'll write "patient, loving, caring," on the other side. If I wrote "stupid," I'll opposite that with "intelligent, Mindful, insightful" and the like.

Then, at the top, I'll write "God-like qualities" over the ink column, and "temporary mortal qualities" on the pencil side. I'll think about which column really represents me, about who I am as God's image and likeness, and how permanent that is. And I know that even though those pencil qualities sometimes appear in this mortal seeming, they are not who I really am and I can erase them. When I feel the joy that comes from knowing who I really am, I know I can pray for myself again.

We're often our harshest critics, thinking worse things about ourselves than anyone else ever would. Yet evil can't be permanent, because it's unlike God, the eternal Creator. We may wrestle for a time, but the faults ultimately have to go. What a release when we find we don't even think to list them anymore!

Because Truth is infinite, error should be known as nothing. Because Truth is omnipotent in goodness, error, Truth's opposite, has no might. Evil is but the counterpoise of nothingness. The greatest wrong is but a supposititious opposite of the highest right. The confidence inspired by Science lies in the fact that Truth is real and error is unreal. Error is a coward before Truth. Divine Science insists that time will prove all this. Both truth and error have come nearer than ever before to the apprehension of mortals, and truth will become still clearer as error is self-destroyed.

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At 10/18/2005 06:49:00 PM, Anonymous Rev. Veronika Birken said...

Dear Laura,
I love the idea of helpful exercises. I shall try this one.
Peace, Veronika


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