Friday, October 07, 2005

No eclipse of the light

One of the comments on yesterday's post struck me as important to share:

I have really been getting the idea that there is no eclipse of this light, and because, for each one of us, God is our complete source, no-one else can eclipse us or take anything from us or add anything to us.

No eclipse. What a fantastic metaphor. The light shines, and nothing blocks it. No one's light interferes with anyone's else's—in a spiritual sense, if it did, it wouldn't really be light. It would be an attempt to darken.

I wonder then in a spiritual sense, if we're capable of magnifying the light by appreciating each other's. Perhaps we can't increase the light itself—it is already infinite Love and Truth and Mind—but in this present plane our sense of it can be magnified when we see it in others and celebrate it.

And this to me implies therefore that to obscure someone else's light is indeed an offense against the Divine. I suppose I've done this too frequently myself—sniffed at someone else's accomplishments, evaluated a little too critically someone else's performance, thought to myself, "They're interesting, but I could never be friends with them." Why am I shutting myself off from their light?

It takes a wider love to embrace fully everyone we meet, and look with anticipation for the light that is shining through that person. It's got to be there. We just walk around with sunglasses on.

Mary Baker Eddy writes, "Walking in the light, we are accustomed to the light and require it; we cannot see in darkness. But eyes accustomed to darkness are pained by the light. When outgrowing the old, you should not fear to put on the new." (Science and Health)

Outgrowing the old might be putting aside our opinions or theories or prejudices. I'm afraid I cling to these a little too hard! It's almost unnerving to think about walking through the world with no parameters at all, seeing each interaction fresh, starting from scratch each time and not letting human history govern our light meters. But the blessing of the new idea, a vision that allows friendship and understanding to blossom between people of all stripes, has got to be worth it.

Well, I've strayed a bit from the "no eclipse" concept, but somehow it's all adding up to letting my own light shine and also embracing the spiritual duty of encouraging others' to shine as well. Haha, it's just striking me—that's the tagline for my editing business! "Make your ideas shine." Maybe I'm already doing it!

Enjoy your weekend of light!

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At 10/07/2005 07:29:00 PM, Blogger Franklin said...


I have to tell you that for some reason I have a different feeling about you than I do for most other New thought or Christian Science people that I have become aware of on the internet.
I don't know the reason for this just yet, perhaps it's your perspective.

Whatever the reason, it is a good feeling.


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