Thursday, September 22, 2005

How healing works

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It's come up a couple times lately, people saying, I can see how you can pray for yourself and achieve peace and healing, but how can it be that one person's prayers can help someone else?

And the short answer is, It works because there's only one Mind.

What I love about Mary Baker Eddy's synonyms for God [Principle, Life, Mind, Spirit, Love, Soul, Truth] is that she's not just saying these are attributes of God or qualities of God, but that these things actually *equal* God. God *is* Love. God *is* Soul.

And God is Mind. Infinite, omnipresent, Mind. One Mind. All Mind. Mind that is All-in-all.

So there's only one. In our day-to-day business here in this mortal seeming, there appear to be many, millions, of "minds," but this is part of the illusion that comes with believing we have separate bodies, separate lives, etc. In spiritual fact, there is just one Mind, and our consciousness is a direct emanation of that Mind. We're connected with that Mind, and connected with each other through that Mind.

It's this property of connection that makes healing possible through prayer. When I'm praying for someone, I'm not trying to influence their little mind with my little mind. I'm bringing both of us into alignment with the one Mind—yet you could also say, I'm affirming that we are indeed *already* in alignment with this Mind, since it's the only one there is.

I'd say, if you can think, you're capable of being healed through Mind. The ability to think comes from your connection with Mind, but it's not your ability. It's Mind's ability being expressed through you. So you can think as Mind thinks, and you can experience what Mind knows about you—that you are its perfect emanation, joyous, strong, complete, intelligent, creative, lovable…. all the good that God, Mind, is.

I've seen this happen many times, both through being healed myself and participating in another's healing. Mental, emotional, physical troubles yield when this property of Mind is employed.

Today we are Mind's ideas. Let's shine with the energy of Mind!

from Science and Health:

Mind's infinite ideas run and disport themselves. In humility they climb the heights of holiness.

Science reveals only one Mind, and this one shining by its own light and governing the universe, including man, in perfect harmony. This Mind forms ideas, its own images, subdivides and radiates their borrowed light, intelligence, and so explains the Scripture phrase, "whose seed is in itself."

Mind, supreme over all its formations and governing them all, is the central sun of its own systems of ideas, the life and light of all its own vast creation; and man is tributary to divine Mind.

The universe is filled with spiritual ideas, which He evolves, and they are obedient to the Mind that makes them.

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At 9/24/2005 03:12:00 PM, Blogger porthos said...

Regarding your statement: When I'm praying for someone, I'm not trying to influence their little mind with my little mind. I'm bringing both of us into alignment with the one Mind.

I believe your phrasing is accurate but a bit incomplete. As you state it, there's no way to account for why THIS patient - the one who asked you for treatment - gets healed, and someone standing right next to her with the same problem but hasn't asked you for treatment isn't healed.

But in saying that something you do is "bringing both of us into alignment" with the Source of healing you are actually admitting that you are having an "influence" on this particualr patient. It's like calling in instructions to a person trapped in a dark room. You "influence" the person to get to an exit where her normal seeing abilitiy can function.

Perhaps more aptly, if someone is having a bad dream, you "influence" him by nudging him and talking to him, maybe even turning on a light. You don't get into the dream with him, or try to make the dream better. You use whatever influence you can muster to guide his consciousness to perceive reality. At that pont reality floods in and dominates his experience - and the dream ceases to seem to exist.

Spiritual healing is not all that mysterious or magical, but uses the natural mechanism of the human mind to catch a fresh glimpse of the Truth that heals.

So, I'm not disagreeing with you but hope these comments clarify and amplfy your excellent description of the spiritual healing process.


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