Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Disaster preparedness

Regarding disasters, I really liked these ideas from Raymond (a member of my Reading Science and Health in a Year listserv, used with permission):

I often hear it said that [you shouldn't] jump in front of a train to prove (test?) God's protection from harm and care for man.

Yet mankind will build inadequate structures and protect them inadequately on nature's train tracks, THEN later pray for God's protection and care and salvation from harm.

It seems that mankind lacks the good judgment and, frankly, the political courage, to stop itself from jumping in front of trains. Praying for "no hurricanes" strikes me as "outlining," as [in] telling God the right solution.

Perhaps we (I?) need to be praying that God's wisdom and strength will be demonstrated by mankind in where and how we choose to live on, or near, train tracks? As a species, we have chosen to live cheaply and to roll the dice, rather than to reflect Mind and Principle, it seems.

This makes so much sense to me! As humanity progresses spiritually, wouldn't you expect we'd get better at protecting the vulnerable with wise and economical building codes or responsive and effective infrastructure?

So when my attention is turned to situations that seem out of control, my prayers always include an affirmation of wisdom for all those involved in helping others, from the top down.

I started praying this way for Y2K (remember that?). I remember thinking, the best thing would be for all those who need to figure out how to fix the mistake of only using two digits to delineate a year will have the divine guidance to do so, and there will be no harmful "turn of the century." And they did get it done, there were no repercussions. No major blackouts, no failed banks or stock markets, no crumbling of society.

And we can continue this prayer every day. That those in positions to make a difference have the spiritual insight and strength of character to do what they need to do, even if there's not an immediate emergency looming. That you and I can be both spiritually and practically prepared to follow Mind's leading when the time comes. And that we all can show our true spiritual nature by helping each other and caring for the weak and vulnerable.

It's a worthy discipline: whenever you see a news story that makes you shake your head in disbelief, stop and embrace everyone involved in Mind's wisdom and Love's caring. And open the mental window to let that sun shine in. We may find ourselves with better politicians and decision-makers, and impending disasters will become non-events, just like Y2K.

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At 9/28/2005 01:10:00 AM, Blogger porthos said...

Yes, I do remember Y2K! All those prayers accomplished a lot more than safety from computer meltdowns. I'm sure they had a lot to do with enabling India to emerge as a first world power. Tom Friedman, in his latest book "The World is Flat" notes that the need for patient, thorough analysis of old computer code meshed perfectly with an abundance of technically trained graduates from their special tech schools. Once India got the Y2K business, outsourcing naturally followed - and India is on is way to being a world leader. So, we should be sure our prayers don't carry any bit of limitation in them - devoid of time, space and perosnality, they reach far and wide.


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