Monday, September 26, 2005

Answer to prayer--a kitty

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Just a little light update on the daughter in college.

She's been doing great, is happy, the work is *challenging* apparently. The only thing lacking apparently is being with her close friends.

She had a very tight group in high school, of people who knew each other very well. They'd grown together from middle school, and seen each other through a lot. So, while she was enjoying the new friends she was making at college, she knew it was going to take time to get to any new deep friendships like she had at home. A bit of loneliness set in.

When I found out about it, I couldn't comfort her much because she was seeing the situation pretty accurately. I mean, I couldn't just say, Oh, you'll be good friends with the new people lickety split. She's right in that true friendships take time to mature, and that long-time friendships are priceless.

So when we got off the phone, all I could really do was pray for her. I prayed to know that divine Love was with her, sending her just the right companionship, and that she didn't need to feel lonely with Love right with her. It was a fairly simple prayer, based on my conviction that this girl is loved by God in ways I can only approximate as her mother. I always picture her as having God's love shining on her, like sunlight on sparkling water.

And here's what she posted on her Weblog a few days later [with my editorial explanations]:

Too Awesome

omg [ohmigod] too just too great.

I woke up this morning to a kitty meowing for attention.

can you believe that??? I thought I was imagining things at first. turns out Kat [roommate] let him in and he wanted to cuddle. he's been here before and he loooves the memory foam [on her mattress, makes it extra soft]. <>

All day I've been working and petting him... things couldn't be better.

lol [laugh out loud] I'm such a cat lady. I'm not lonely at all when i have a kitten to be with!

This must be one of the campus cats we saw roaming around when we moved in. Couldn't have asked for a better solution, thanks God! You warm a mother's heart.

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At 9/27/2005 03:09:00 AM, Anonymous kitty said...

oh tht is sooooo sweet...i was touchd by this blog...thnx for sharing this!!

At 9/27/2005 08:48:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I completely understand this feeling of God sending a nice warm furry, purry hug in the form of a cat. Yesterday, at a moment in the day when things looked pretty bleak and I felt very miserable, my cat came into the room and was very affectionate and cuddly and I really GOT that unconditional non-judgmental uncritical sense of being loved. It was great!


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