Friday, August 05, 2005

Poetry evokes

As most of my friends know, I’m no poet. :) Nor do I qualify as “into” poetry. That’s why it’s always surprises me when a poem catches me off guard.

I had ee cumming’s poem from yesterday, I thank You God for most this amazing, on my mind when I marched out for my early morning walk, pedometer firmly on belt, inspirational reading material in hand. My daughter taught me how to read while I walk, and I always multitask whenever I can for that extra sense of accomplishment.

But not yesterday. The sun, still in its soft phase streaming yellow mist through the summer green, called to me. Dewy grass and a chorus of birds would not let me alone. Even my neighbors’ early morning start on their commute was musical, a gentle wave “hello” and a swoosh of tires on asphalt.

Poetry makes me slow down. It makes me really look around me. It’s not something I can tell myself to do, I have to be told. Poetry tells me.

Poetry evokes—feelings I haven’t had, visions I haven’t seen, issues I haven’t explored. It brings me ideas I didn’t seek out. So I have to be receptive or off it bounces. Sometimes I am receptive, or sometimes the poetry is just so compelling I can’t help but respond.

The cummings poem always takes me off guard. I never feel like I’ve “gotten” it—it always has more to reveal to me. The Psalms do this for me as well (Veronika put one in the comments yesterday), as does John Donne when I take the time to read it (see yesterday’s comment from Karen for a great example). And here and there, a random poem will take my breath away.

To me, it’s like God communicating in another way that brings me the message on another level. Prose I get. I can study it, memorize it, analyze it. It’s all very rational. Poetry thrums the strings of emotion, having an impact that I can’t explain or rationalize. It takes me elsewhere. And I realize there’s a whole world of ideas that exist on another level, beyond the reach of rational thought. And sometimes I’m free enough to go there.

Any other favorite poems out there? Please send them to me. I’m in the mood for some free flying.

(now the ears of my ears awake and
now the eyes of my eyes are opened)

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At 8/06/2005 06:03:00 PM, Blogger Laura said...

Dear Laura,
Here is a short poem of mine:

God’s strength is mine.
God’s power is mine.
God’s glory is mine.
God’s wisdom is mine.
God’s Love is mine.
God’s Light is mine.
God’s peace is mine.
God’s joy is mine.
God’s harmony is mine.
All that God is, I AM
For we are One.

Love and peace, Veronika
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