Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hurricane prayer

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I've been watching some video on CNN.com about Hurricane Katrina. Some of it is inspiring, much of it is devastating. Two clips that gave me hope were the rescue from a rooftop by helicopter, and the film of a statue of Jesus in the French Quarter that survived trees falling all around it.

But I can't begin to know what it's like for the people still trapped in their homes. I think what I'd like to share today is a piece I wrote for 9/11. (The original version is available on the Website for The Christian Science Publishing Society.) The one below I've altered a bit to make it fit today's situation. And as I think of each person below this hurricane cloud as my brother, the prayer widens and blankets the country.

My prayer for my brother

At the moment I write this, I've just heard that [the building my brother works in has collapsed]. I've been in touch with my family around the country, and we're all praying. This is my prayer for my brother.

Where can my heart go when there is no news, and perhaps no hope? I must go to the one almighty God. I must know His almighty presence.

My thought now is echoing with God.

I dig deep into what I know to be true. There is only one God, divine Life, holy Love. The God that my brother loves and serves is the God that connects us all. My thought now is echoing with God, that oneness that fills all space, [in homes, roadways, beach fronts, Superdomes]. I refuse to conceive of any space that is not filled with God. I place my brother in that space, wholeheartedly. He can't leave that space, it surrounds him and upholds him and guides him.

I see my brother continuing to walk through life, as he has every day until now and will forever, with the glory of God shining through him. I'm not seeing his life as something that can end. I'm seeing it as eternal, as full, complete, ideal. I'm clinging to this, because the thought that there may be death to deal with in my family's future cannot be the final word. The final word must be Life. It must be God.

God is there, in [New Orleans, Biloxi, Mobile]. God is here with me in [Massachusetts, where the same storm cloud darkens the sky]. It's not a bunch of gods scattered all about, but the one God, literally filling all space, blanketing all creation. I touch that one God in thought and I'm touching all creation. And that God is holding my brother close, with all the others—all of them.

It's not only my brother or our family. It's entire buildings, entire cities, entire countries. I'm putting it all in the divine space, everyone, every action, every lifespan. That space contains nothing but Love and glory. The pain, fear and confusion are nothing within that holy place.

My brother and all the people involved are in that holy place. I am holding them there in thought. It is the structure of Love that surrounds them, and it cannot be destroyed.

Later I got word that my brother was ten minutes away from his office when the building was hit.

Even though this prayer is almost exactly four years old, it's still true. I'm looking at it anew, embracing in thought folks still in their houses, rescue workers, refugees, even pets. Just holding close the idea that all powerful Spirit is there, a presence that cuts through the wind and rain and touches the hearts of those who might be afraid or hurt.

Spirit is there.

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At 8/30/2005 05:22:00 PM, Blogger Rev. Veronika Birken said...

Dear Laura,
This is the message I received from Holy Spirit for my web site today. I feel like sharing it here:

"Accidents are unknown to the divine Mind. Align yourself with the Christ Mind in you to remember the truth about every situation. The Answer is always the Atonement - Oneness with Love. Amen."

Peace, Veronika


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