Thursday, August 18, 2005

Communion for Brother Roger

I learned of the tragedy of Brother Roger’s death from the Beautiful Day weblog, and I’m joining in prayer with the many thousands mourning this man today.

If you do not know about Brother Roger’s work in Taizé, France (and I confess to having been ignorant myself), I encourage you to click through The Community site—it’s very inspiring. I also love Brother Roger’s meditations on communion.

Join me in prayer today for humanity’s continued growth toward universal communion. For Brother Roger is right; in this way only will we achieve peace.

Here are Mary Baker Eddy’s words on the spiritual meaning of the many symbols of the Christian Church:

Our baptism is a purification from all error. Our church is built on the divine Principle, Love. We can unite with this church only as we are new-born of Spirit, as we reach the Life which is Truth and the Truth which is Life by bringing forth the fruits of Love, — casting out error and healing the sick. Our Eucharist is spiritual communion with the one God. Our bread, "which cometh down from heaven," is Truth. Our cup is the cross. Our wine the inspiration of Love, the draught our Master drank and commended to his followers.

--Science and Health

Today may be a special day to embody these ideals. Let’s honor Brother Roger with a deeper commitment, and welcome all the world into genuine spiritual communion.

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