Wednesday, July 06, 2005

This one's waking up

One time when we lived in LA, a virulent flu was going around. A lot of people we knew got it and we heard a lot of stories about how long it took to recover -- for some, almost three weeks, and this was with the shots. Our family's experience with it, though, is one I wouldn’t trade for anything.

The kids remember that day as the one where Mom brought home a bird. I had been visiting an elderly friend. As I walked back to the car, I passed a bush where I saw a little sparrow of some kind. It took one look at me and flew to my shoulder. Startled, I talked to it a bit, then carefully encouraged it to jump on my finger. I placed it back on the bush. It twittered, and came back to my shoulder.

I have seldom been more delighted. I adore birds. Mary Baker Eddy refers to them as symbolizing soaring aspirations, and I feel this whenever I see a bird in flight. This one wanted to be my friend. So, I took it home with me. It moved around my sweater as I drove and quietly hopped around my living room once I got home. The kids were entranced as I showed them how to feed it and to be careful with it.

Shortly after this, all three of us began to feel poorly. Our evening wound down with us putting the birdie to bed in a little box and slogging ourselves upstairs. The nausea was hitting me, but I did NOT want to throw up. I fought the feeling over and over, realizing too that my pre-teen daughter was struggling in the next room while my younger son slept fretfully in my room with me.

My prayer started slow but momentum built as the night wore on. I reiterated in thought the truths I knew: God is all, I am God's image and likeness, sickness does not come from God, God is all power, sickness has no power over me. These ideas sunk in. Then I reached a point where my feverish thinking became poised between two states -- seeing myself as material, and seeing myself as spiritual. I stopped resisting, stopped willing anything to happen -- or not to happen. I completely relaxed, and thought: Well, okay, my body can do what it wants. I'm going to stay here with Spirit. In effect, I turned off my connection to my body.

As I floated there, spiritual reality became substance to me. I felt detached and free. I felt suspended yet supported. And suddenly the realization came to me: I have no body.

It's hard to describe the certainty I felt at that moment. I knew, felt, perceived, understood that my true being has no material body, that my being is an emanation of Spirit and therefore spiritual. All physical sensation left me. I was surrounded by joy and light.

What happened next will never leave me. It came to me in symbols as revelations often do. It was like the scene from the Disney movie, Lion King (which we had at home and had watched many times as small children are wont to do). In the beginning, the newborn lion cub is held up up for all the animals to see and greet with cheering.

Well, in my vision, I was the one being held up by strong radiant hands, and the holy host of heaven was spread out before me. They were glowing beings of light, and I still had no specific body. And I heard a voice behind me saying, This one's waking up! And the heavenly host began cheering.

What a welcome! I basked in it for a time, then found myself gently returning to earth. I was back in my body, in my bed, but completely well. Fever, nausea, gone. Joy and peace, restored. I checked on both the kids, they slept peacefully. My daughter later told me of her own prayers and healing that night. My son simply jumped out of bed the next morning wanting to visit the bird.

Our bird stayed with us a few more days. We put it outside on our porch every day with food nearby, and it began to make the acquaintance of a few other sparrows. Then, one day, it flew off with them.

Soaring aspirations. Freedom from the body. Waking up.

An inspiration I'll never forget.

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At 7/06/2005 01:51:00 PM, Blogger mnc6 said...


What a great sharing/story!!! Like many of your posts it was uplifting. I also found your description of what you were going through and doing and thinking very interesting because usually people do not write about what they experienced during a healing like that. It really gives the reader a window into the process.

At 7/11/2005 10:15:00 AM, Blogger Laura said...

This from my new friend in Australia:
I loved your story and see how important is to know that my thoughts create my experiences. All of them. This is why I love, like you, to turn to my divine Parent for His Thoughts. (Preferably b e f o r e I am in trouble!) But the runaway son can always return to His Father's House (consciousness) and know the welcome is loving.

Peace, Veronika


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