Thursday, July 07, 2005

See the city: Pray for London

See another blog entry for London prayer for today.

Oh, how I love London. My heart yearns with love for that bustling energized city, where the inexorable march of progress has never made it be anything less than itself. London has absorbed all changes, from Romans to Normans, to Blitzkriegs and the Beatles, being changed but never changing. It will triumph today, as news of tragedy confronts them but will not defeat them.

London is still and always will be --

  • the birthplace of democracy with the groundbreaking innovation of the parliamentary system,
  • the nursery of literature and ideas as the crucible for Dickens, Shakespeare and the like,
  • the schoolyard of diplomacy throughout countless wars and empires,
  • the familial hearth of character and heroism with queens and kings, Cromwells and Churchills shaping and influencing the globe.

Now as I hear the news of the Tube explosions, I remember how much my life today owes to London as the crossroad of history, the willing recipient of all the world's troubles, the front line of debate on progress. I remember with gratitude the irascible tenacity of passionate men and women who laid down their lives so that I could live as I do today. It's a worthy study, the history of this town, where time and time again leaders and commoners rose to the challenge of forging a new path in thought and practice at the expense of tradition, yet maintained those legacies that bring it virtue and strength.

This is just one American's view, a view filled with love today. I know London will absorb, change, yet stay itself, even as New York and Madrid have done. I know London will rise to the challenge and serve back progress and resolve.

Mary Baker Eddy writes about the book of Revelation: "Note this, — that the very message, or swift-winged thought, which poured forth hatred and torment, brought also the experience which at last lifted the seer to behold the great city, the four equal sides of which were heaven-bestowed and heaven-bestowing." (Science and Health)

I want to see the great city. Today I'm seeing it as London.

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For a London prayer for today, click here.

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At 7/07/2005 01:38:00 PM, Blogger mnc6 said... had a live Q&A about the events of today and probably will have a transcript. Tont Lobl (sp?) was excellent in his responses about seeing the true nature of things -Love especially in the midst of the situation. Certainly remembering how much has come forth from London was nice to hear and also that the Truth does not include anything but Love and holding to that thought as best we can....

At 7/08/2005 12:51:00 AM, Blogger Ree said...

hi Laura thanks for visiting my blogs I am thankful to touch people's lives just by thanking little good things in my life. Keep on shining! *hugs*

At 7/10/2005 07:38:00 AM, Blogger Laura said...

got this email from Mathew in England:
Thanks for your support. It's good to know that people in the US are standing by us, just as we stood by you. We will never give in to bullies.
we're with you Mathew!


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