Friday, July 01, 2005

God grid

Yesterday I started something that has already proven fruitful. I created a "God grid."

Basically, I drew a grid on a piece of paper, and labeled the two axis with terms for God that I've found in Science and Health. For example, all the words in the definition of God:

  • incorporeal
  • divine
  • supreme
  • infinite
  • Mind
  • Soul
  • Spirit
  • Principle
  • Life
  • Truth
  • Love

and I added a few others for good measure:

  • Father-Mother
  • Christ
  • one
  • omnipresent
  • omniscient
  • omnipotent

These words go along the edges of the grid, so there's sort of a cross-matrix of concepts.

Then I took a pen, closed my eyes, waved the pen over the paper, and dropped it down. The mark I made was at the intersection of the terms "Soul" and "Life," so that became my new assignment, to contemplate these two concepts together.

I'd never thought of these two together before, so I had a lot of fun dwelling on the beauty, joy, art, color of Soul combined with the animated, energetic, never-ending, buoyant qualities of Life. Since God is one, these concepts are one and exist together, neither ever existing without the other. Where Soul is, Life is.

I've often felt that by enlarging our concept of God, we learn more about creation, and about ourselves. So this is just my little exercise to keep myself exploring.

Picture me waving my pen over the paper every morning, and you won't be far off!

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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