Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Death never wins: Life is Spirit

Some time ago, some dear friends of mine were expecting a baby. Everything was going along fine, mother and child were healthy and strong. Then, during the delivery, a highly unusual and very brief difficulty occurred, and the baby didn’t survive.

I’d never even heard of such a thing ever happening before. This wee little one was out of my life—I never even got to meet her. Her parents showed a great deal of spiritual grace and strength in sharing the news with friends and family, but my shock still went very deep. I was frankly devastated.

And then I got mad. What kind of messed up world resulted in things like this? Couldn’t that simple of a thing be turned around by God’s good grace?

I’d never tried to pray when I was that angry before, but I had to this time. I was completely shaken, and I needed answers. So I turned to God in anger and said, Well, what about it?

The immediate answer I got was that Life is Spirit. Basically, I felt that God, Spirit, told me, “I am that little girl’s Life.”

What did that mean? I dug deeper. This took a few days, actually. But I began to wrap my head around the truth that Life is Spirit. That this material seeming isn’t really Life. It is a counterfeit of what Life really is. God is Life, and God is Spirit. Matter -- the entire material universe -- isn't involved.

That wee material form that was my friends’ baby was not her life. Even if she had been born safely, that baby-form could never begin to represent her true being as a creation of divine Spirit.

I have my own true being unrelated to the material form I’m apparently living in now. In fact, all of us are so much more than we seem, so much more than the physical senses are telling us. Are we young or old? Big or small? Male or female? All these are only physical data points. They are not the final word.

As I went deeper and deeper into this prayer of acknowledgement, I began to get glimpses of my friends’ baby, revealed in a whole new way. In a spiritual way, I began to see the joy, the laughter, the warmth of this little girl. Gradually, that became my picture of reality for her.

The loss I felt at never meeting her fell away as rejoicing over her true being took its place. And at one point, I even felt I could see her smiling at me. And then of course, I could let the anger go.

I saw that God’s great goodness makes it certain that each one of us is safe in His care spiritually. This is what an omnipotent God provides. It’s unavoidable, and it’s spiritual.

I began to see that the anger I felt was not really toward God, although He redeemed my anger with Truth. The anger I felt was really toward the huge lie that is materiality. This lie is the source of all suffering, but it is a lie. It needs us to disbelieve it for truth to reign harmonious in our thinking and our lives.

I now believe that the disappointments, the horrors, of this material life are the very things that reveal its unreality. After all, if we didn’t have the disappointments, we’d be happy to exist here forever, never knowing our true being. But the transitory nature of material life is the very thing that impels us to reach Spiritward in our search for peace and harmony.

Here’s what the baby’s father told me later about what he learned: “I realized that 9/11's or tsunamis happen on smaller scales in people’s lives every day. And, for me, having a spiritual understanding of God to turn to was the ONLY answer to healing the overwhelming suffering. I realized that you can't necessarily stop pain, but you can heal the suffering--which is what I call remembering the pain over and over again.”

I still get angry sometimes about death, about suffering, but my anger is not toward God. What I want now is to be part of waking people up to the truth of spiritual reality, so that death and suffering lose their hold on us forever.

This is possible, every time you or I choose Spirit as our Life. Every time we do this, we are part of unclasping the hold of matter over the lives of both ourselves and the world. I think this is the #1 most effective thing we can do to reduce suffering and bring peace to this world, step by step.

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At 2/10/2006 12:09:00 PM, Blogger joy said...

This means a great deal to me Laura, thank you very much.

At 5/11/2007 09:52:00 AM, Blogger Nomi said...

These are healing thoughts. Thanks for sharing.


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