Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Daily discipline

Today I'd like to make a plug for the discipline of daily spiritual study and prayer.

There are several things I try to do daily: study a weekly Bible Lesson, ponder a section of my class notes with its associated passages in the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy's writings, review several prayerful passages, read two pages of Science and Health with my reading group, and now I've added the "God grid."

This contemplation is my preparation for the day. I don't use it to think about my problems or those of other people, but to open my thought to what God wants to teach me today. And every day I come away with new insights.

The importance of this to me is that it readies me to face my own life and to help others. On days when I skip it or shorten it, I'm less prepared, less on top. On days when I embrace it fully, I have the jumpstart I need to do the most good.

So there's no particular virtue involved. In a way, it's almost selfish, and it would stay that way if I didn't use it for good. But God doesn't give you His treasures and then let you squirrel them away. They're to be shared -- to go forth and multiply.

A daily discipline doesn't have to take time. It can start out small, with just a simple prayer first thing or a favorite book to contemplate.

I'd love to know -- what's your daily discipline?

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At 7/13/2005 09:48:00 PM, Blogger Ree said...

hi laura, your gratitude post has been uploaded. I removed the HTML encoding for uniformity. help me ecncourage others to do the same and post their gratitude in this blog. hope we make it to the blog of note list someday!

At 7/14/2005 06:54:00 AM, Blogger Laura said...

Dear Laura,
What a good and important theme you have chosen! Here is my little

I practiced the violin daily when I was a professional musician. When I
was young I thought that as I played when I was by myself that this was
good enough. But I learned that to give a performance I needed to step
out and up and practice more than I judged to be enough. This paid off
during concerts because the conditions weren’t the same as when I was
by myself at home. There were maybe a hundred people, some coughing,
some restless babies and traffic noise from passing trucks. Now I could
lean on that extra practice and feel secure in spite of the

I have discovered that this is the same in my spiritual practice. When
things run smoothly the temptation is to let go of my ‘daily practice.’
But am I glad when I have practiced and in time of need I can fall back
on it. Truth then carries me well over the waves of error.

Love, Veronika

Miracle Practice - Healing Circle of Light


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