Friday, July 08, 2005

The best Friday night ever

London is still very much on my mind, but I wanted to write this in honor of the weekend.

Friday night, and I actually had a date.

My kids were still small, and I longed to find a dad for them. But dates were few and far between in those years in Los Angeles. When a friend set me up with a cute lawyer, I thought, this might be it! We went on a hiking first date, I had a great time, and he suggested we make plans for the following Friday.

I looked forward to it all week. He was funny, successful, attractive. I arranged Friday evening activities for both kids, spent hours planning my best hottie-but-not-desparate outfit, worked out every day, giggled to myself occasionally.

He never called to confirm though. 6pm Friday rolled by, both kids already gone and the house feeling lonely. 7pm. Finally I called to check with him, got a machine. 7:30. 7:45. The phone rang; he couldn't make it, something about having to be with his father. "No problem!" I murmured, knowing I wouldn't hear from him again.

Disappointed and feeling ridiculous, I succumbed a bit to self-pity. Some quick phone calls proved that it was too late now, all my single adult friends were already out for the evening. And I was in no mood to hang out with a married couple. The evening stretched before me, without even the comfort of my wee ones' arms and laughter to keep me company. Channel surfing left me hollow, there were no contraband calories in the house -- nothing.

When the pout and tears started to form, I knew I had to change things around. Didn't want to waste the evening further. So I took it to my Daddy.

"Lord, what's going to become of me?" I prayed. "Will I ever be happy?"

The answer came swift: God has the best Friday night planned for you, better than you could ever imagine. Wait for it.

Surprised at this answer, I did just that. I sat on the couch and waited. Disappointment changed to anticipation, and then to genuine wonder when the phone rang.

It was someone needing help. I had started my healing practice a few months before, and this person knew I was available to pray for them. I heard their story, was filled with love for them, and promised to pray. The phone rang again. More love and compassion filled my evening. Another call. Three different people needed prayer and love from me that night.

I became so filled with Love nothing else mattered. And I learned that when you express Love, you experience it, so you've got it, too. God is Love, and all these prayer transactions were His way of loving me, too. It was the best evening ever.

God has the best evening / weekend / day / month / year planned for you. Wait for it.

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At 7/08/2005 09:10:00 AM, Blogger @>-;-- jay said...

praise the Lord, you are His vessel. May the river of God flow into you, through you and out of you. Glory to God!


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