Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The power of Christ

Yesterday in my prayers I tried to get a handle on a concept that is sometimes somewhat a mystery to me: Christ.

I've tried to develop a concept of Christ that is in line with the inspired teachings of the Bible, along with the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, because I think she gained a unique insight into the nature of spiritual reality and her articulations of spiritual ideas reflect this. Yesterday's focused meditation and study on the subject of Christ brought some surprising thoughts that I'm still absorbing.

For example, I'm accustomed to thinking of Christ as a gentle, warm presence, that comforts and guides. "Hid with Christ in God" comes to mind as an image I've often found healing and comforting.

Yet when I read all the passages that make reference to Christ in the writings I've mentioned, I find a Christ that is much more active. Aggressive verbs are frequently used, such as "baptizes with fire," "destroys," "casts out," "awakens," "rouses," "obliterates." And I'm reminded of another image that regularly invigorates my prayer: that of Christ as a warrior with the flaming sword of Truth, doing battle with error and evil and always winning. A veritable Jedi Knight of God.

And a sentence popped into my thinking as I ruminated:

Christ is verb to God's noun.

I'm not saying this is the only way to look at Christ, but it has given me food for thought. It's made me begin to expect Christ to act on my behalf, as both a mediator connecting me with God and as an advocate against error and evil. Christ is not a passive property of creation, waiting for me to come to it. It's the active presence of God's being, that comes to ward off evil and protect against error.

Another way of saying it:

God is, Christ does.

And what a difference this line of thinking made when I went back to phrases like, "Hid with Christ in God." Now this hiding was less of a cowering sense -- not merely tricking error into not seeing me -- but more of an active, vital, powerful protection, providing safety through the armor of Truth and a flaming sword. The glory and power that Christ represents is irresistible, universal, eternal. Christ is my friend, my Savior, my doorway to God.

Like I said, I'm still thinking this over. If you have any thoughts to share, please send them along!

CHRIST. The divine manifestation of God, which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error.

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