Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Wake up, wake up, shake the dust off....

The Bible tells us to wake up and shake off the dust. And I love that image, of waking up. To me it means waking up out of a merely material view of ourselves (the dust) to a more spiritual view. A view that is free from matter, and entirely Spirit.

And the Bible wouldn't tell us to do it if we couldn't. So what are we putting off then? What tells us that we're material in the first place? If we didn't have our material eyes showing us, our material ears telling us, our material nerves feeling it for us, we wouldn't even think of ourselves as material. Without the eyes, ears or nerves, none of this material existence would be perceiveable. And it's funny that we believe the messengers who have a vested interest in our continuing to believe them. For if we wake up out of materiality, they're out of a job.

So I say too, Wake up! Embrace those things of the Spirit that are not dependent on the physical senses! Love, truth, intelligence, joy, grace, goodness, spirituality. These things all exist in consciousness, so we can wake to them every moment.

What does that feel like? To me it brings utter peace. When I touch on spiritual reality in my thinking, and I wake up a bit more, the joy and light are indescribable. Try it and let us know how it goes.
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