Thursday, May 19, 2005

One Mind

Okay, today's might be a bit loopy.

Sometimes I like to latch onto a spiritual idea, then contemplate it, taking it to its logical extreme.

Yesterday, I spent a good long time with "There is only one Mind."

Mary Baker Eddy illuminates this concept in Science and Health. She includes Mind as one of her synonyms for God, and this implies that Mind is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. All the omni's. For Mind to be God, it has to be all that God is -- just plain All, actually.

Just thinking about that is a interesting thing, because if there's only one Mind, who's doing the thinking?

And it occurred to me that Mind is such an infinite creative Mind that its very ideas feel like beings in and of themselves. You know how sometimes a novelist will say that when he was writing, the characters took on a life of their own? But they remained creations of the novelist's mind. It's like that. Mind thought us up. We all emanate from the same Source, Mind. We are Mind having ideas. We are the ideas of Mind.

Since this is the case, our very thoughts are extensions of our being ideas of Mind. Okay, this is where it gets loopy, or at least for me, "mind"-bending.

Mind is so All, so all-power, so all-knowing, that nothing else is doing any of the knowing. The very ideas of Mind express consciousness and self-awareness as an extension of Mind. My being aware of myself is actually a function of being an idea of Mind, for Mind is the ultimate and only Self.

This always begs the question, Well, what about the stuff that doesn't seem to be Mind at all, but is matter? Mary Baker Eddy talks about mortal mind, the suppositious opposite of Mind -- but then she clarifies, "How can there be more than all?" So the mortal mind we perceive in the physical isn't real, it's delusion.

Yesterday as I prayed on this, I put that aside for a time to reason out later and just focused on the allness of Mind. I placed myself in the reality of being an idea of that Mind, not having my own orbit but being an emanation of Mind. Having only those thoughts that are flowing forth from Mind.

Then I thought of all Mind's ideas, each one of us. And I caught a glimpse of Mind's ideas rejoicing when they recognize each other. The joy and delight of realizing, Oh! You're Mind's idea, too! We can interact and our interaction represents an even further unfolding of Mind's ideas! All is idea!

I'm still thinking (no pun intended) about this. It's going to be a journey to fully grasp the implications.

But at least I have to say -- I'm glad to know you. :)

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