Friday, May 13, 2005

Instant God

a testimony from Laura

I was roller-blading in Southern California, on the bike-path at the beach. It was a perfect day. But then I met my nemesis, a one-inch pebble. I imagine an experienced skater would have recovered, but this stone, when it caught my front wheel, stopped me cold. And down I went, landing squarely on my tailbone.

Winded, I lay there for a moment, and then I found I couldn’t even sit up. I had to crawl off the path into some grass nearby. I was near a park area, and there were many people around, but none of them seemed to have noticed what happened. As I lay on the grass, I became aware that I’d scraped up my arm, but more unnerving was the sensation that I was losing all feeling in my feet and hands.

I could have called for help, but I didn’t. Instead, as I had so many times before, I turned to God. I just turned to Him 100%, with everything I knew and felt about Him. I mentally turned from any concern about my physical condition. I turned from the evidence of the physical senses entirely. I filled my thought with perfect God, which included omnipotent Love, infinite Spirit, unshakable Truth. These concepts became for me more real than what the senses were trying to fool me with.

I remember lying there, convinced of God’s benevolence, even as I looked up at the sky. The sky in Southern California is often clear unbroken blue, and it was that way that day. And it was about all I could see from my vantage point lying flat on the ground. I stared straight up at it, and was filled with a conviction that even as this sky covered all that I could see, God filled all space in my being. There was nothing else for me in those moments of deep, joyful prayer.

I think only a few minutes went by, and I sat up. My hands and feet felt normal again. And suddenly I became aware of a little five year old girl crouching next to me. She looked up at me with big caring eyes and said, “I guess you need some more practice, huh?” Of course this made me laugh! And convinced me even more of God’s loving care for me – this little one had been watching over me the whole time. I asked her parents for some water to wash off my arm, and got up to skate back home. Later that day I went on a several mile walk with a friend with no problem.

To me, what I felt that day was a clear example of the healing presence of Spirit, telling me I am so much more than my physical body. It was the tangible presence of Love’s message to me, comforting and healing me. It didn’t just calm me down, it transformed me. It brought harmony where there had been discord a moment before. It brought wellness where there had been pain. It brought light and love, and left me whole, upright and free.

This is the nature of healing. It’s transformative and instant. Find out more by reading Science and Health.

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