Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Go where God leads

"I have to give up the life I had planned
in order to embrace the life that awaits me."

--Joseph Campbell

I love that quote. And it reminds me of a letter I sent some time ago to one who had written to me about trying to decide what to do about their business:


Thanks for your letter, I'm glad you felt you could write to me.

What you're going through sounds familiar to me. It mirrors a time in my life where I had to face a similar situation. It turned out I had a spiritual lesson to learn that has stayed with me.

Like you, at one point in my career I had an idea. I am sure it came from God -- not because of the results, but because of where it led me. Sometimes ideas come to us and they lead us in unexpected directions. This can be God's plan for us, even if things don't turn out as we think they will.

Anyway, my idea was to follow my dream and go to Hollywood and become a film producer. I had experience in theater, I was a writer, and I had always wanted to do this. Looking back at the way things have turned out, I believe that strong desire was planted in my heart so that I would do it... but it definitely didn't turn out as expected :)

So I went West and spent four years exploring the film industry. I even got a job in entertainment marketing where I made lots of contacts. In the meantime, though, I was learning and growing spiritually. Maybe I needed to be on my own and in that tough environment to really learn I could lean on God. Eventually, though, I hit a wall. I could make no progress. Every job interview went nowhere. Every script went nowhere. And I had to do the hardest thing. I had to change my priorities.

Were my priorities going to stay fame and fortune, worldy success? Or would I change to serving God, something that had been becoming increasingly important to me? Then, an irresistible offer came my way -- but it was for a job in another industry. This would force me to give up my dreams of Hollywood, but it would allow me more time to study and pray and get close to God. I kicked and struggled, but followed this irresistible impulse, and left entertainment for the new job.

That job lasted for just a little more than a year, but by the end of it, I knew where God had been leading me the whole time -- into the healing practice. I became a Christian Science practitioner. Unbelievable! If you had told me that was God's plan five years earlier, I would have said, No way! But that was the deal.

My point is, every step along the way God was guiding me. And no time was wasted -- I learned things along the way that are invaluable to me now in His service. What I had to be willing to do was give up my own notions about what the plan was and instead follow God's lead.

He has amazing things in store for you that you might not be able to imagine right now. Your time working on your business has not been wasted -- you have learned a tremendous amount that will increase your value to whomever you wind up working with going forward. Claim your spiritual substance, which is all you've learned about God and your relationship to Him, and know that that can never be taken from you, and in fact you will continue to build on it.

After all, what are God's ideas? A Hollywood career? A business? Not big enough! The real ideas that God is sending to us are about our spiritual potential, the idea that through Christ we can do anything. It's not the business or the movies -- it's the daily new opportunity to express Him in myriad forms and unlooked for ways.

I hope this has helped some. I believe in you because I know God believes in you -- He made you! Please keep me posted, and feel free to write back any time.


God is leading each one of us, day by day. Where is God leading you today?

Desire is prayer; and no loss can occur from trusting God with our desires, that they may be moulded and exalted before they take form in words and in deeds.

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