Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Persistent ringing in ears—silenced!

a testimony from Laura....

Several years ago, I had an annoying ringing in one of my ears. It went on for months. It was especially bad when I was trying to read or pray, or when I was trying to sleep. At those times, the ringing would swell to enormous proportions, and would become all that I could think about. It was ruining my sleep and my disposition.

I had to do something. I thought about going to have it checked out by an ear specialist. But from what I’d read about this condition (which sounded like tinnitus), I thought they’d most likely tell me I would just have to live with it. I was also afraid I might find out that I was going deaf, and I really didn’t want to hear that! I wanted it to stop, period. It looked to me like I had a choice. I could be the victim of this thing, or I could retaliate.

I opted to fight it on my own for a while. I started by firmly refusing to accept the ringing as permanent. Every time I heard that annoying ringing, I told it off. This meant that each night, as I was trying to sleep, instead of imagining how I would live unable to hear, I used my sleeplessness as an opportunity to listen to God and what He was telling me. I knew that God loved me and was there with me. To me, God is all-Love, all peace, all assurance and harmony. I knew that harmony was with me. The discordant sound I was hearing was merely physical—it didn't have any spiritual origin. But God is also Spirit, so my own origin is spiritual. I was comforted by my eternal connection to God.

I did lots of studying during this period of several months with passages about hearing and ears, indeed all the senses, in Science and Health. I learned from this study that the physical senses are not the last word on me. They are symbols of spiritual sense. That spiritual sense is intact no matter what my physical hearing was telling me. And I have the spiritual sense that allows me to hear God. And this is all that I can hear, since He is all. I prayed deeply with these concepts, and my fear began to decrease. This frame of mind strengthened me, and, I think, readied me for the understanding I needed to solve the problem.

One night I had a dream. I was listening to a plaintive and moody song—“Knights in White Satin” by the Moody Blues, in fact. Although I love that song, in the dream, I said to myself, “I don’t want to hear this song right now. I want something happier.” And I began thinking about a hymn I knew. A few moments later (in the dream), I again heard a sad, moody song—this time something by Pat Benatar. And again, I mentally changed the song to something I was more in the mood for.

When I awoke, I remembered all this clearly. And then it struck me. I had been hearing in my dream, and I had changed what I was hearing by my own choice. Also, in the dream, my hearing was completely unrelated to my physical ears. If I could hear in the dream without my ears, what did that imply about hearing in my waking life?

In that moment, I understood so solidly that what I hear is not a physical function at all. My ears, physical as they are, are a symbol of hearing, but they aren’t the capacity itself. Since I have an essentially spiritual nature, given to me by God, Spirit, then I have a natural and constant capacity to hear anything He wants me to hear.

Wow! This new line of thought got rid of the fear once and for all. From then on, every time the ringing came, I clobbered it with that truth. And then I would rejoice in whatever other spiritual truth I had recently been contemplating, "hearing" in an entirely spiritual way. Invariably, the annoying sound would subside. Eventually it tried one last trick—it switched ears! But all I did was laugh.

Within a few months, the condition was no longer bothering me. And some time later, I realized I hadn’t heard it, even in my quietest moments, for a long time. Today, several years later, my hearing is as good as ever.

“Sound is a mental impression made on mortal belief. The ear does not really hear. Divine Science reveals sound as communicated through the senses of Soul—through spiritual understanding.” (Science and Health, 213:16) tags:


At 5/01/2006 11:32:00 AM, Anonymous Loretta said...

Hi Laura,

I found your blog while researching this ringing/high pitched noise in my left ear on the net. I've had it for about 2 years. I'm very use to it, but concerned that it could be something more serious. I have always thought it to be some sort of spiritual connection. Its more of a frequency noise that I hear. But everyone refers to the noise in their ears as a ringing sound. Any input you have, is appreciated. Also, a book I think you would enjoy. "Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East" by Baird Spalding..
In love and light,

At 9/04/2016 09:27:00 PM, Blogger anna howard said...

I too have had a loud ringing in my ears that came out of no where, one day i was reading the Gospel of Thomas and it started. I choose to turn away from the world and trust in God. As it turns out, humans get a loud ringing in their ears when angels are near them. I listened to the ringing, i gave into it. I would be devastated if it ever left me, i have a job to do here on Earth for my Living Father. You should have looked within yourself for answers, not to the outside world.

At 9/04/2016 09:51:00 PM, Blogger Laura said...

Thanks for your input, Anna. I'm grateful you found the answer that works for you.


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